About Us

We are Fashion that Celebrates You

Fashion is everchanging, but it is so much more than just a piece of clothing. It makes you feel more creative; it is an art and an expression that helps you collect beautiful pieces of yourself. 

At , we believe that fashion is an escape route to be you, a unique piece that lets you speak your truth. We integrate the nine-pointed Bahai symbol into our fashion culture to help you sync the internal with your external to make you feel powerful, beautiful and in control. Hence, we aim to create timeless apparel that supports you and your planet. Whether for a music, video or television show, we are passionate about creating innovative designs to meet your emotional and physical needs. 

 is committed to providing our customers with timeless pieces that live on each season. From jumpsuits to sweatshirts and athletic wear, we bring integrity into your fashion wear using the best quality materials in the industry. 

We believe in creating unique and inclusive products that add value to your life. Hence, we always seek new ways to help you craft your identity. We understand that every person has that unique fashion taste that makes them stand out. This is why we leverage more responsible fabric to help you feel like you in our pieces. We take time out to fashion unrestricted supportive fit apparel through innovative design techniques to help you optimize productivity each day. 

Our Values

We believe in the Bahai symbol of the nine-pointed star, the highest single-digit number that symbolizes completement and the fulfillment of expectations. We are reflected in our values; hence, with , what you envision is what you get. 

We are a smart and reliable fashion company that guarantees creativity, loyalty and excellence!